Electric Bikes are here and are opening new avenues for all to enjoy miles of fun.  Some of our E-Bikes offer a range up to 93 miles.  The beauty of E-Bikes is they make the joy of cycling accessible to so many people who otherwise would not be able to ride as fast or as far as they wish.

Our e-bikes compliment your pedaling, they do not replace it.  Torque sensed pedal assist is simply "you, only faster".

Stop by and test one soon.

Size Model Top Speed Price  
Small Vado 6 28mph $5000
Med Vado 6 28mph $5000
Med Vado 2 20mph $2800
Med Vado 3 28mph $3400
Small Como 20mph $2800
Large Como 20mph $2800
Med Vado 1 28mph $2500
Large Vado 1 28mph $2500




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